Where waves meet sandy dunes, rows of vines meet wine glasses, and local food meets your plate, the bounty M22 navigates is extensive and breathtaking. As a native to the area, it is my greatest pleasure to share the “pinky of paradise” that has stolen my heart.

I encourage you to take a break and plan a getaway with friends and family so that you may traverse an area of historic and unforgettable beauty. There’s no better place than our newly renovated, Suttons Bay Stone Schoolhouse or our Lee Point Hendryx Lodge to call home for your stay.

From farmers markets to Film Festivals to a fresh water Fishtown, everything about M22 calls your name and invites you to “do the 22”.

dothe22_harvestad2016For special rates contact Cheryl 619 248 4600, cheryl@dothe22.com